Thursday, August 18, 2011

Year 8 Boys Netball

We did pretty good because we came 3rd place we won against Churchill Park School,it was a
tough game because even though they were shoot they had the skills to beat us but we had talented players.

Phoenix :
Kohimarama Were a good team but we should of won because we were better BUT we underestimated them and got way too cocky which is not a very good thing . First half was not so good but the second we did a bit better . We gave away to much penalty's that shouldn’t have been given .

Our first game was Tamiki Intermidiate and at half time, we were leading 3-0 and when the full time ended, we won 7-3 and after that we had something in mind and that was munching out on our food and then we were getting ready for our next game and that was Ellerslie.


  1. Hello my name is Morgen and I go to Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, New Zealand. I love how at your school you have a Boys Netball team, that is so awesome. At our school we only have girls netball teams. And good job for placing 3rd in the competition:)

  2. Good job boys I could see that you were trying your best to win.I think netball is fun me too. How long did it take.

  3. we are Legend Netball Club from Malaysia. Cheers!