Thursday, August 18, 2011


At first I thought it was going to be a boring as day because more then 50% of the class had gone to netball, but it actually turned out to be an enjoyable six hours. We started the day off finishing the rest of our math work as it was the last day we would have time to finish off for the weeks work & time flied. Mr Wood gave us a Figure It Out book with an activity that involved measurements. We all thought this is going to be boring, well I’m not sure about the rest of them but that’s what I was thinking.  The picture that was given to us was an idea of how to put the castle together. By the end of the day, we had measured all our measurements & glued it together using the hot glue gun & we were painting, we added little circles / ovals looking like we had pebbles on our stone walls which I think is really unique. We are not quite finished but it’s looking real good so far. Vatrina

Measurement and Castles

On Thursday we had to make a castle, it may sound fun but we had to measure every wall and  every other details, BUT AT THE SAME TIME IT WAS REALLY GREAT. We had to measure all the cardboard and glue it together with a hot glue gun. We decided to paint it baby blue and light pink.We worked in a  group of 4 (Amber,Monalisa,Elizabeth and Katalina).We all took turns to paint and glue everything together, we made a princese’s tower, a pond, some trees and a frog with some lillypads. We all enjoyed getting messy and we had a blast.

Making Castles

Yesterday my group made a awesome castle made out of hard cardboard it was fun we all worked as a team and at the same time we had fun.In my group was Benjamin, Damon, Benioni and me.After a hard days work we painted it it was wierd because we had mixed the colours together to make a colour we hadn’t use.And this was my day. ZECHARIAH

Damon: On Thursday the 18th August, Zacaraiah, Ben, Benioni and I made castles out of hard cards, glue guns and we used measurement to cut the card to it’s pin point location.

Each of us had a different job.
Ben was the designer.
Zacaraiah was the leader.
Benioni was the designer of the army men.
And I was the cutter and the one who glued the cards.

After a while, we finished the castle and then zac and i painted the castle while Ben made some accessories.

Yesterday we made castles out od]f cardboard, hot glue guns and scissors. I made soldiers for the castle and painted them. Benioni

Year 8 Boys Netball

We did pretty good because we came 3rd place we won against Churchill Park School,it was a
tough game because even though they were shoot they had the skills to beat us but we had talented players.

Phoenix :
Kohimarama Were a good team but we should of won because we were better BUT we underestimated them and got way too cocky which is not a very good thing . First half was not so good but the second we did a bit better . We gave away to much penalty's that shouldn’t have been given .

Our first game was Tamiki Intermidiate and at half time, we were leading 3-0 and when the full time ended, we won 7-3 and after that we had something in mind and that was munching out on our food and then we were getting ready for our next game and that was Ellerslie.

Year 8 Girls Netball

Our first game went very well, we had an exciting and great start against Ellerslie. It was a fast-packed and friendly game. I was playing Goal Defence for the first half and Goal Keep for the second half. In the end we won 9-5. That win really pumped us up. - Mohana

It was hard work running up and down the court, but we got the hang of it. l only played in three of the games, l played many parts like, WD, GD, GK, and WA. l never got to play full time but l still had fun. But at the end we came third place, we were glad, winners or losers we still had fun.

On our first game I played in the second half and I was WD (Wing Defence) . We played Ellerslie and to me they were very easy, when we won that game we were so happy! . When we played Point England most of them were all tall to me, they were very good and they had a strong team and they worked together very well. I think that’s why they had beaten us , but we still played hard and tried our best to win . - Rebecca

At about 9:00 a.m. the bus filled with boys and girls left our school to go to Auckland Netball Centre. We gathered under some shade and then started to get ready for our first game. For the year 8 girls we had to wait fro about an hour before our game started.Once we got on we were pumped and ready to go. We won the game against Ellerslie  9-4. We were so elated.

When we played our second game, we played Point England.  I played GD for the whole game, but...we lost (21-3).  They were so hard, but they’re techniques were good because they used their tall players as shooters.  I think we played and tried hard. : ]
I played he first half in the first game against Ellerslie. We won that game and then had a break for the next round. When Round 3 came it was our turn to play again. We played Point England and unfortanatly we lost. I did not play in that game. That was the only games that I played in.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Rock Stars

Our school was lucky to have Rock Band, a group of musicians visit for a week and teach Year 6, 7 and 8 students to play different instruments. Room 13 spent the week learning to play and performed 'Back in Black' in assembly on Friday.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

School is Cool

Some people may think that creating a poster about "Why your School is COOL!" would be easy peesy but I can truly say it wasn't. Especially with a twist like mine it would take ages to create a plan. The twist was that I had to take pictures in a way so that is couldn't see any faces. After drafts, taking photos various time and sitting with the teacher discussing it, I had my final copy.
I was excited to enter my complete poster in.

After the holidays when I came to school in the morning my teacher Mr Wood surprised me and told me that I was a finalist in the Year 8 Category. I was shocked and was extremely happy! I have never ever been a finalist for a competition Everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I just can't wait till they announce the winners!