Monday, February 28, 2011

Our First Skype Session to America

Today in class we Skyped some year 12 students from Illinois, America. They asked us questions about New Zealand and the devastating Earthquake in Christchurch. They asked us when it was, and how big it was. They asked us for our ages and they were shocked since they were older than us. The three girls asked us how horrifying it was, since our school is in Auckland we couldn't tell them. We asked them about where their school is located and how is it like living there. They told us that is was boring but I think it would be a great place to go and visit. A few students from my class asked some questions like "Does Illinois have any natural disasters". They said that there are no major disasters but they have mini earthquakes.

  • They find out more information on the Christchurch earthquake.
  • We got to talk to people in Illinois, America.

  • Their was a bit of bad connection between us and them.(We couldn't hear them properly)
  • We were quite nerves because it was our first time skyping with another class.
By: PJ

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sending a prayer for the people of Christchurch

Bailey Road students and staff wish to send messages of love and support to the people of Christchurch. Please add your message and share them with anyone you know in Christchurch. Click on the pink Post a Sticky tab.

Christchurch Earthquake

Christchurch Brainstorm

Room 13 has done a brainstorm table to show some problems people of Christchurch may in encounter. We also are thinking of things we could do to help, so we can make Christchurch a safer place and a better environment. We are planning ways we can help like fund raising, so get your reading glasses on and watch this space as we try help Christchurch.

Is you class or school doing to help? Share your ideas with us please.

By Damon and Zac

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

On Tuesday the 22nd of February there was a 6.3 magnitude Earthquake at 12:51pm. This quake was 5 kilometres deep and on a separate fault. The quake was 10 km southeast of Christchurch CBD. Three geonet monitors in the Christchurch CBD recorded much worse ground shaking felt than the original September 4. The quake has caused devastation. Emergency services are reporting multiple fatalities(75 23/2/2011 2:25pm). Many have had to amputate limbs to survive. The earthquake was just one giant jolt, severely damaging housing include the Cathedral. Many have reported feeling the quake from Dunedin. Two buses were crushed by falling debris.

By Thunder and Macane
photo by NZ Herald

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

About Me

During the first week of school we started on a writing called ‘About Me’. We looked at our editing and using a internet programs to create our work. I did this writing based on what I like, what I dislike, personality & my hobbies. Everyone in my class did it. Our main focus was editing and making an awesome piece of writing.
About Me
(Me and my family at Rotaroa l - R Dad, Mum, Sister, Me, and my Cousin)
My name is Shweta. I have a small sister named Shaniya. My family is originally from Fiji but immigrated to New Zealand. I live in Mt Wellington, Auckland, The City of Sails.
I have dark chocolate eyes and long, layered, charcoal coloured hair. My skin is dark brown and my feet are as big as Big Foot. I have small hands and like to paint my nails.

I am a very friendly and respectful person bur can get bossy at times. I like to have fun and not get into fights. I am honest and trustworthy. I am funny but not at all time.
I have a lot of hobbies like swimming, playing on the computer, cooking also baking, and of course drawing. I am very creative. I like to make things like cards for my family. I bake cakes and muffins for my family. really like to make chocolate and caramel muffins.

I like chocolate (especially white), sea food, curry, spice, collecting smiggle stationary, homework, painting, creativity and of course the colour pink and purple and all colours that are soft . I love the colour pink especially because it makes me feel soft and light. And because it comes in a lot of shades that can go with a lot of moods.
I hate avocado paste, reading boring books, folding cloths and tomatoes
(only raw). I hate tomatoes especially because when it is raw it goes sloppy.

And when it is in my sandwich or burgers is makes it YUCK!!!!

This was About Me

By Shweta

Friday, February 11, 2011

Soap Box Derby Dash

The annual Auckland Primary Schools Soap Box Derby 2011 will be held near the end of March. Bailey Road School will be entering for the 3rd time, however the competition is fierce and we have not won yet, but we want to! Our past teams were dedicated and worked well to support each other.

Today our new team tried the cart out in the driveway. Everyone was excited and helped in different ways.  We had organisers, emergency cart stoppers, cart pushers and carriers, as well as a photographer; I believe we have a winning team. Pt England School are one of the competing teams, you can see their 2009 photos and stories here.

We will be supported by the Bailey Road Cheerleaders who have always been the loudest and most enthusiastic there. They keep the team spirit up and get the crowd to cheer for us.

Have you ever tried soap box derby racing? 
Why do you think the drivers need so many team members?

Photographs by Benioni

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2D Shapes

On Tuesday the 8th of February, room 13 was set the task of defining 2D shapes. We were randomly put into groups and given a shape to work with (e.g. pentagons, hexagons etc).  All the groups worked together on one huge document.  We were either copying and pasting, inserting, drawing or defining the meaning of the chosen shape.All these definitions resulted in one huge document created by the whole class.