Thursday, August 18, 2011

Making Castles

Yesterday my group made a awesome castle made out of hard cardboard it was fun we all worked as a team and at the same time we had fun.In my group was Benjamin, Damon, Benioni and me.After a hard days work we painted it it was wierd because we had mixed the colours together to make a colour we hadn’t use.And this was my day. ZECHARIAH

Damon: On Thursday the 18th August, Zacaraiah, Ben, Benioni and I made castles out of hard cards, glue guns and we used measurement to cut the card to it’s pin point location.

Each of us had a different job.
Ben was the designer.
Zacaraiah was the leader.
Benioni was the designer of the army men.
And I was the cutter and the one who glued the cards.

After a while, we finished the castle and then zac and i painted the castle while Ben made some accessories.

Yesterday we made castles out od]f cardboard, hot glue guns and scissors. I made soldiers for the castle and painted them. Benioni


  1. Hey my name is Kennedy and I go to Melville Intermediate. Well done Damon, Zacaraiah Ben and Benioni for making that awesome castle. You put alot of work into and it paid off. Keep up the great work!!

  2. I like castle I think it was fun and I think you did great work and I like it .

  3. WOW i like your castle! Did it take you a long time to build it? You could put some plastic toys in it to play with it. From Rohan Point View School