Thursday, August 18, 2011

Measurement and Castles

On Thursday we had to make a castle, it may sound fun but we had to measure every wall and  every other details, BUT AT THE SAME TIME IT WAS REALLY GREAT. We had to measure all the cardboard and glue it together with a hot glue gun. We decided to paint it baby blue and light pink.We worked in a  group of 4 (Amber,Monalisa,Elizabeth and Katalina).We all took turns to paint and glue everything together, we made a princese’s tower, a pond, some trees and a frog with some lillypads. We all enjoyed getting messy and we had a blast.


  1. Your Castle looks fab. I like the colour cobonation and the little green froggie on the pond.

  2. I like the pink skuxx roofs and the cool frog on the water i reckon this it a better castle than the other one becase it is junny and looks uncoulorful.:)

  3. I love the castle. It is so awsome. The detail is cool. It must of taken for ever to buled it and paint the detail on.

  4. I love the pink roofs. It makes it stand out and give it that little bit more 'wow'. I also like the pond.

    Room 8 Melville Intermediate School
    Hamilton New Zealand

  5. Hey im Shannon and I go to Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, New Zealand.

    Your castles are really cool. It sounds like a lot of hard work. Awesome job :)

  6. Hi its Scooper Ella
    This castle is really cool. I like the pink and blue together.
    The pond is really creative and also the castle is not to busy and that is what I like. It looks really fun. Overall the post is really good.
    Keep blogging
    Scooper Ella!!!!:)

  7. Hi I'm Ripeka from the Super7Scoopers. I think the castles you made were
    really cool. And also how you had to measure it.

  8. WOW! Grate Castle How did you make them?

    From Scooper Max