Thursday, September 29, 2011

Class Digital Footprint

BRS Room 13 digital footprint too. When we did a Google search for our class name and the first 6 links were from our wiki, then some from our Flickr page and class blog.

We have joined many sites as a class which our teacher manages but we all share the username and password. Some are wikis, Kidblog, Blogger, Flickr, Google Apps, StoryBird, Vocaroo and Wallwisher.

This means that as an e-learning class we leave a good digital footprint because we only use first names and are careful about safety, but our footprint is about our learning and we are proud of that. We like other students to be able to find our wikis and digital work so they can comment and talk to us.

A digital footprint is not a bad thing if we manage it properly.
Challenge 3 linkback
Photo by Peter Nijenhuis

Thursday, September 22, 2011


One of the students in our class has jazzed up our class blog, thank you Shweta. She has created her own blog which she won't mind if you visit. The background of the blog is based on art we are creating for our "School Art Exhibition", which is Graffiti. We are also doing stencil art and were inspired by Blek La Rat. If you like our new blog look please leave a comment.

Monday, September 19, 2011

le Rat

We are learning about graffiti stencil artists Blek le Rat and Banksy. After some research about them, we cut out and used simple stencils from printouts based on rat designs which appear in both their art.
What we liked about our art:
Vatrina: I liked that you could make your own design and cut it out as well as stencilling it by yourself. This art was enjoyable because depending on the hardness of your brush it shows the piece more effective.

What were the difficulties:
Vatrina: The difficulties of this art was using the craft knife. If you push too hard it will rip the paper and your paper will become rough on the edges, but if you push lightly it will keep the paper smooth

Zainab: I found that using the craft knife is harder to use than I thought. If you don't use the knife in the correct position it will cut i correctly and make it all rough. It you do it in the right position it will cut smoothly.
What I found interesting:
Zainab: I honestly never knew how to make a stencil out of cardboard. I used the craft knife thinking that it will be easy and wont take me long but when I got hold of the knife, I knew it will take me a long time.

Rebecca: When Mr Wood showed us how to cut a rat with a craft knife it looked easy, but when I tried it was hard.So I kept on trying and I got really use to it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Avatars and Blog Challenge

We are remembering how to keep safe online by creating avatars for our "About Me" post on the EduBlogs Student Blog Challenge which we are taking part in. "September Challenge 1"

Create your own video slideshow at

Monday, September 5, 2011

From a Google Map to a Scribble Maps.

Yesterday Mr Wood introduced scribble maps to the class. A Scribble map is like Google Maps but better because it allows you to scribble, draw and mark out routes. You can pin point particular places on a map and even create a scavenger hunt. That is what we did. Pupils in our class created three different courses (A, B and C) surrounding the school grounds, and let us say, our group definitely made it very challenging. The other groups also made it very hard and difficult as well, putting their questions on top of things, or underneath things; and in some courses we found questions on the edge of a building. Sometimes we had to run from one end of the school, right to the other; the junior school right through to the senior syndicate, up to the middle syndicate. In the end we managed to come first in one of the courses with a time of 17 minutes. Below are the three courses we created in groups, and also some of the students thoughts and opinions of what they think each group did well and what the students could improve and do better next time.

Course A:

Course B:

Course C:
my groups course:

Good and Improvements from students.