Tuesday, August 2, 2011

School is Cool

Some people may think that creating a poster about "Why your School is COOL!" would be easy peesy but I can truly say it wasn't. Especially with a twist like mine it would take ages to create a plan. The twist was that I had to take pictures in a way so that is couldn't see any faces. After drafts, taking photos various time and sitting with the teacher discussing it, I had my final copy.
I was excited to enter my complete poster in.

After the holidays when I came to school in the morning my teacher Mr Wood surprised me and told me that I was a finalist in the Year 8 Category. I was shocked and was extremely happy! I have never ever been a finalist for a competition Everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I just can't wait till they announce the winners!


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  2. Hey my names Shania.Your picture on school is cool looks great.

    Melville Intermediate
    New Zealand,Hamilton