Saturday, November 12, 2011

Doink and Maths

About Doink

Doink is basically a vector editor. Doink is a site where multimedia is easy to use, its not complicated like others. It has a variety of activities for all age groups including writing, drawing, animating and even creating slide shows. Doink is real useful for schooling activities.

We used Doink during math this week, we got a task to solve our given equation with a different strategy used each time. Doink has steps like a slide show, so if you draw in one slide then click the arrow - a new slide will pop up. Its as easy as that. Some groups had to solve the same problems using two strategies and had to show how they worked it out in Doink, once we finished we had to embed it into our Math wiki page.

I personally find Doink a bit boring, but would definitely recommend it for schools, it is very help full.

Here's the link:

Zainab and Monalisa

Our activity was to create a “Doink” animation about our maths strategies that we are currently learning about. We were doing rounding and compensating as well as algorithms. We were trying to visualise our strategies and then bring them to life by using the animation. We were given a question by our teacher and that is what we explained in our animation. This helped our learning and taught us to learn in a visual way so that we could see every bit that we were learning, and to improve it. One of the strategies we used was rounding and compensating. Rounding and Compensating is a strategy were you round the biggest number to a tidy number, and then take it off at the end. Algorithm is a type of strategy.

Doink Sample
We chose Algorithm and Place Value because it’s easy to work out using those strategies and it’s easy for us to work out.

Abbey's place value by BRSroom13, made at

Shweta's Maths Problem A Week 4 by BRSroom13, made at

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  1. Informative blog post about Doink and the examples helped me understand it. What do you think would make Doink more interesting to work with, or how would you use it?
    You need to make the form viewable to the public because I cannot se it.