Saturday, November 12, 2011

Athletics Training


They have to pass a course in coaching in which they have to coach a school. Some have already taken our school to other sports. So this term they are doing Athletics for only 4 weeks and then our school will be entering the Eastern Zone Athletics Competition.



I think the class has improved their skills as well and bonding with the trainers . We have improved our running , jumping , grunting and increased our stamina . We think the trainers are good role models to the students and the students have been great pupils to them .

Skills taught

High Jump


This term, we are doing athletics and we got a really big tournament coming up and we had 4 weeks of training and we were doing well at it.So we are going to tell you about high jump.High jump is all about jumping over a pole but this is what you can do when you’re jumping over the pole.

*A Fosbury Flop

*And a scissor kick

So those are two main things and these are tips that you can do when your jumping, step by step.

*Lift your shoulders

*Bend your hip

*Then lift your legs.

And this is how to jump over a pole when your doing high jump.

Long Jump


This Term we have had NZIS come and teach us how to do athletics and one of the athletic sports that i got taught was Long Jump, They say. “Run down the pathway as fast as you can, then you jump as high as you can, then while you are in the air put your feet together and glide yourself towards the sand as far as you can go” I thought they were doing a great job at teaching me this because i have never been taught any of this athletic stuff before.



The sport of "Discus" is full of power, strength and aim. You should be able to grasp the disk with full strength. And use your arm power to throw the disk with great force within the boundary.

  • Place the disk on your palm.

  • Wrap your fingers around it.

  • Swing the disk to touch the opposite hand.

  • Then on your third swing let go with great force.

When you let go remember that the disk has to land in the boundary other wise it is out. The practises and using the techniques that has been taught by the NZIS students have really had a huge impact on all of the class.



This term we have been doing Athletics. There are 6 activities for athletics which include; Sprints, Relays, Long Jump, High Jump, Discus and Shot put. During shot put we learnt the 4 steps to throw it properly,

  • Hold the shot put up to your neck

  • Point your arm in the direction in which you are aiming

  • Lean back on your strongest leg

  • Then twist around and push the shot put out of your hand (never throw it or you would be disqualified)

We will work on these steps for the rest of the term and some people will go to the Eastern Zone competition.


During a relay race, members of a team take turns running, orienteering, swimming, cross-country skiing, biathlon, or ice skating (usually with a baton in the first) parts of a circuit or performing a certain action. Relay races take the form of professional races and amateur games. In the Olympic games, there are several types of relay races that are part of track and field.

We have learnt how to run and the arm skills and how we stated off.

f. Sprints (Amber)

photo- how to - what is good form - records so far?


Its nearly the end of the year and for sports this term we have athletics. For athletics we have shot-put, long jump and many more. Its getting really hard for us this term because we have many great sports players at our schools. We don’t have long before its time to really go to athletics, so we have to practices, practices, practices.

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