Thursday, September 22, 2011


One of the students in our class has jazzed up our class blog, thank you Shweta. She has created her own blog which she won't mind if you visit. The background of the blog is based on art we are creating for our "School Art Exhibition", which is Graffiti. We are also doing stencil art and were inspired by Blek La Rat. If you like our new blog look please leave a comment.


  1. Thank you Shweta for updating our class blog, it looks amazing and reflects our current art theme.

  2. Hi Room 13
    We are really excited that some of us are coming to your school to visit you! Wow your art work is amazing.

    Your art is very tidy. (Maia)

    Shweta did a great job on changing your blog. (Mallika)

    I like your new blog wall because it's different. (Joshua)

    How many days did it take you to finish your art work? (Aum)

    We didn't have a art exhibition this year but we had a wearable arts show. (Gina)

    Are you excited that we are coming to visit your school? (Kairyn)

  3. Thank you very much Point View Point School!

    Maia; Thank you! Next week you will be able to check them out.

    Joshua; Thank you! You might want to check out my blog to! I regularly customise my blog!

    Aum; We have already finished of our art work and it's ready to be presented.

    Gina; That sounds awesome! I hope you blog about it! We recently had a "Trash 2 Fashion Show".

    Kairyn; Everyone in our class was ecstatic when they heard you guys were coming!