Monday, September 5, 2011

From a Google Map to a Scribble Maps.

Yesterday Mr Wood introduced scribble maps to the class. A Scribble map is like Google Maps but better because it allows you to scribble, draw and mark out routes. You can pin point particular places on a map and even create a scavenger hunt. That is what we did. Pupils in our class created three different courses (A, B and C) surrounding the school grounds, and let us say, our group definitely made it very challenging. The other groups also made it very hard and difficult as well, putting their questions on top of things, or underneath things; and in some courses we found questions on the edge of a building. Sometimes we had to run from one end of the school, right to the other; the junior school right through to the senior syndicate, up to the middle syndicate. In the end we managed to come first in one of the courses with a time of 17 minutes. Below are the three courses we created in groups, and also some of the students thoughts and opinions of what they think each group did well and what the students could improve and do better next time.

Course A:

Course B:

Course C:
my groups course:

Good and Improvements from students.


  1. Well done Room 13, that was a fun maths lesson and I think everyone learnt something.

  2. What a great project! I love how you used the maps to do a scavenger hunt. Well done!

    Mr. C