Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Boat Race

Science boatsLast week our homework was to make a boat our of paper and bread clips, and on Friday we had a race. At home we had to record what changes we did to make our boats go faster and other experiments like that.
When it came down to the two finalists who were Vatrina and Monolisa, Vatrina won and got a chocolate fish.
There were also other competitors in the class that made boats and it was a lot of fun seeing the boats move like they did when the contestants added the dishwashing liquid into the bread clips.
Science boats
I didn’t get a chance to compete because I had to help other students with there work but from what I heard from the other side of the room was heaps of laughter and fun.

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  1. Damon, nice post and photos of the boat competition. I have one question though. What happened exactly when they added dish soap to the bread clip? I see in the picture that the bread clip hangs off the back. Did the soap go in the hole? Why do you suppose it made it go faster?

    Good job!
    Mrs. Krebs