Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Art of Science

Today in science we explored the reaction that happens when you add liquid detergent to milk. We discussed what happened and Mohana took photos with a webcam. The colours were amazing and we wondered if cream would have even a bigger effect?

After all the amazing effects of the dye colours mixing we decided to try a similar thing with shared painting. Each group had a small blob of paint in each corner (red, blue, green, yellow), the students had to work together to mix the paints together into art.

Have you ever tried this experiment?
Why do you think this happens?


  1. Great stuff! We have tried this experiment too and were fascinated by the results!

  2. This is a great experiment. The effect and the colours are fantastic. It is wonderful that you could then produce such creative art pieces.
    What a fun way to learn.
    Mrs Verona Gridley

  3. I love doing this experiment. I think it's awesome when the colours hit each other and look like marble. Miss Jess Hardley.

  4. This experiment was really fun to do, especially the art bit at the end :)
    I love how the milk collided to make the koru, it was really cool!

  5. It was so fun seeing all the colours swirl around and make different patterns. We managed to find some Maori patterns in the milk like korus.

  6. It was alot of fun seeing the food coloring dissolve when Mr.Wood added the dishwashing liquid into the milk.

  7. We tried this experiment in our hub and really enjoyed it too - we were surprised by the reaction we got to apple juice, very unexpected! I love that you've made it into a piece of artwork too, they look fabulous.