Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our Class Experiment – Egg & Vinegar

Science Investigation Process - Egg & Vinegar Experiment.

Last week Monday, 11.05 Mr Wood put a fresh egg in a wine glass and filled the glass with white vinegar.

Our big question was What happens to an egg while in vinegar?
Our hypothesis was The egg shell will dissolve, it will go see through and the yolk will turn into liquid when it cracks.

The Method we used was:
1. Put full fresh egg(with shell) in a glass.
2.Cover/pour with white vinegar.
3. Leave for one week.
4. Check and record daily progress.
Things we could’ve changed or vary:
1. Time of putting the egg in the glass.
2. Time of pouring vinegar into glass.
3. Egg size.

Things we could mesure:
1. Vinegar. (different types, white, etc.)
2. Weight of egg.
3. Hardness or softness of egg.
4. Colour of egg.

Day 1(morning): The egg sunk right to the bottom of the wine glass and the egg is covered with tiny bubbles.
Day 1(afternoon): Egg shell is abit rough.
Alot more bubbles surrounding egg.
Egg is moving from on place to another in the glass.
Day 2: Egg shells peeling off.
Bubbles appearing at the top of the glass(surface of vinegar).
Some parts of egg shell is dissapeared and the egg white is visible.
Day 3: Bubbles have dissapeared.
Vinegars stable.
More shell is releasing from the egg and and floating at top.
Looks crinkly.
Washed egg.
Day 3(after washing egg): Washed off the loose shell, now eggs plain white.
Put back in vinegar.
Day 4: Vinegar has become alot more stable.
More egg white is alot more visible; looking foamy.
Some parts of the egg is turning seethrough.
Day 5: Egg white has split.
Yolk is very stable, hasnt spread like a liquid which was expected.
Last Day: Egg white is very wrinkly.

Further Questions:
1) Why is the egg white holding together?
2) Why didnt the egg yolk spread into a liquid once the egg shell was broken.
3) If we put the egg in at different time, would it effect our result?
4) What if the egg was not fresh?
5) What if the egg was boiled?

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