Tuesday, February 15, 2011

About Me

During the first week of school we started on a writing called ‘About Me’. We looked at our editing and using a internet programs to create our work. I did this writing based on what I like, what I dislike, personality & my hobbies. Everyone in my class did it. Our main focus was editing and making an awesome piece of writing.
About Me
(Me and my family at Rotaroa l - R Dad, Mum, Sister, Me, and my Cousin)
My name is Shweta. I have a small sister named Shaniya. My family is originally from Fiji but immigrated to New Zealand. I live in Mt Wellington, Auckland, The City of Sails.
I have dark chocolate eyes and long, layered, charcoal coloured hair. My skin is dark brown and my feet are as big as Big Foot. I have small hands and like to paint my nails.

I am a very friendly and respectful person bur can get bossy at times. I like to have fun and not get into fights. I am honest and trustworthy. I am funny but not at all time.
I have a lot of hobbies like swimming, playing on the computer, cooking also baking, and of course drawing. I am very creative. I like to make things like cards for my family. I bake cakes and muffins for my family. really like to make chocolate and caramel muffins.

I like chocolate (especially white), sea food, curry, spice, collecting smiggle stationary, homework, painting, creativity and of course the colour pink and purple and all colours that are soft . I love the colour pink especially because it makes me feel soft and light. And because it comes in a lot of shades that can go with a lot of moods.
I hate avocado paste, reading boring books, folding cloths and tomatoes
(only raw). I hate tomatoes especially because when it is raw it goes sloppy.

And when it is in my sandwich or burgers is makes it YUCK!!!!

This was About Me

By Shweta


  1. Shweta, I had to write an about me page for my blog a couple weeks ago and it was hard. After I wrote it I asked for some others to look at it and give me their opinion. After they looked at it and told me what they thought I rewrote it and made it better. That is a lot more work than I usually put into something. :)

    You may want to go back over your text and fix the background color problem if you can. It would look much better if the text didn't have the white background behind some of it.

    Mr. C

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience about writing your "About Me". When I wrote my story it was not that hard but I guess you checked it more than I did to make your writing more better.

    I will take your advice and change it.

    Thanks = )

  3. Thank you Shweta k for sharing your about me story on the blog,your background looks pretty interesting and I would love to read your about me story again.

  4. Well done Shweta, you have taken advice well, I look forward to reading your revision.

  5. it seems like you have alot of fun sometimes. I hope you have another great time one day and you share it with us on the year 8 blog.